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Fun with Bongos

... a  very clean, no bells, no whistles approach to buying, tuning and truly "playing" them. And you needn't speak Spanish in order to learn the basics-a little time devoted to proper stroking technique, to reading/playing a few essential Latin rhythms and to mastering the "martillo" groove will transform a bongo "owner" into a bongo "player".  – Bill Kiely, Modern Drummer Magazine

...A great book to start your travels in the often overshadowed world of the bongo....Salloum is eager to teach you the wonderful sounds and history of bongos...  – Javier Rivera, Editor of Oasis Salsero 

...though this book might initially appeal to the student who wants to learn just enough to have a good time, it is surprisingly thorough. It includes a short history on the bongos along with a description of all the parts of the drum... The exercises also introduce rhythms in a step-by-step manner, so the student will also be learning to read music.  – Tom Morgan, Percussive Notes

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The Bongo Book

...the only instructional book (CD included) devoted entirely to the bongo. Highly recommended.. Very Comprehensive!    – Descarga Newsletter

 The interviews are worth the price of the book alone. –  Dr. Nathan Ehrlich, Maui HI

 ... loaded with lots of information for both the novice and professional... the most definitive book out...  – George Rivera, Latin Beat Online, NYC

...among the best treats of the book are the interviews with Jack Costanzo Armando Peraza, Jose Mangual Sr. and Candido Camero, four prominent bongo players in the United States....the book will serve as a good beginner's source for people wanting to find some basic information on this much overlooked instrument.  – Victor Rendon, Modern Dummer Magazine can learn traditional and nontraditional rhythms on the bongo, fills, exercises, polyrhythms, ornamentation and maintenance of the instrument...Easy reading and fun to follow as you learn to play the bongo.  – Rudy Mangual, Latin Beat Magazine.


Bongo Drumming Beyond the Basics

The bongo book we've waited for...Hats off to Trevor Salloum who has graced the percussion world with this wonderful book. With the help of two carefully recorded CDs, Trevor guides every level of bongo player into new and exciting domains. The CDs are accompanied with a notated workbook which describes each recorded rhythm in a straightforward tablature. Additionally, Trevor provides illuminating insights into the unique history of this wonderful instrument.  – Matthew Dubuque San Francisco, CA   

Bongos have long existed in the shadow of their big brother the tumbadoras (congas)...Trevor Salloum rectifies this with his latest book..The discography, glossary, resource page and 2 CDs make this package worth the money. If you're ready for some advanced bongo studies this book this book is for you.  – Terry O' Mahoney, Percussive Notes

This book has lots of helpful information and helps  to fill a void in the lack of good instructional material for this instrument. –  Victor Rendon, Latin Percussionist

...Mr. Salloum goes into some detail about the difference in form and style and provides some nice photos of important players and bands...the two accompanying  CDs are clearly executed and move along at a good clip. Nicely rounding out the package  are a transcribed solo from Armando Peraza (as well as reference to eighteen others) bell/bongo/conga combinations and a resource section with internet Web sites and newsgroups.  – David Licht, Modern Drummer Magazine


Afro-Latin Polyrhythms

....a collection of some of the most exciting rhythms of Latin America...not only for the percussionists, but for any musician interested in developing their skill at playing rhythmical patterns.  – Bobby Ramirez, Latin Jazz Club Magazine

...This straight-forward book's aim to help you to understand the polyrhythmic structure of Afro-Latin rhythms.  – Descarga Newsletter

...This unique combination of stick/hand usage sets this text apart from other independent exercises...  – Terry O' Mahoney, Percussive Notes

...A workbook full of essential Afro-Latin exercises...  – Bill Kiely, Modern Drummer Magazine

...This book offers a fast way to get students to become more rhythmically independent...  – John Kuzmich, Jr., International Association of Jazz Educators

AfroCuban Rhythms Volume 1&2

Afro-Cuban Rhythms is a collection of traditional rhythms ideal for a percussion ensemble or for the individual who wants to learn the authentic parts to each rhythm. All rhythms are easily adapted to conga drums and Afro-Cuban hand percussion. This series is presented in a brief, clear, and affordable manner. Volume 1 includes Clave, Tumbao for one and two drums, Yambu, Guaguanco (Havana ), Guaguanco (Matanzas), Rumba columbia, Conga (Havana), Conga (Matanzas) and Conga (Santiago). Volume 2 includes the rhythms of Bembé, Makuta, Yuka, Palo, Arará, Abakuá (Havana), Abakuá (Matanzas), Gaga, Vudu and Iyesá. These volumes are now combined in one book and designed for intermediate to advanced levels. They assume the reader has some basic understanding of percussion notation.

Afro-Cuban Rhythms Book Trailer

The Art of Bongo Drumming DVD

This DVD is packed with informative chapters on history, selection, positioning, strokes, practice tips/exercises, clave, martillo, repiques/fills, bongo bell, soloing, and much more. The diverse rhythms explored on this DVD include martillo, bolero, jazz, rock, odd-time signatures, samba, and bossa nova. If that is not enough, a rare and special feature is highlighted footage and commentary of a bongo performance by the great Armando Peraza (Santana, George Shearing, Cal Tjader). Suitable for all levels, this DVD is sure to be a valuable addition to your percussion library.

..This one-hour instructional DVD covers the basics of bongo drumming...  – Terry O’Mahoney, Percussive Notes



The Art of Arabic Drumming DVD

The Art of Arabic Drumming DVD is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the Middle Eastern drum and explore the mystique of its music. Trevor takes you on a journey into his Middle Eastern roots and provides a clear presentation of tuning, positioning, strokes, exercises, notation, timing, ear training, soloing and common rhythms. If that is not enough, this DVD includes a rare, special feature performance of world-renowned Middle Eastern percussionist Michel Merhej Baklouk. (Fairuz, Abdel Wahab, Wadih El Safi, Farid El-Atrash)

...This is a very useful intro to the world of Arabic drumming. It was also great to have the quizz at the end plus of course our beloved Michel... – Dr.George Sawa, Ethnomusicologist



Afro-Cuban Percussion Play-Along

Afro-Cuban Percussion: Play-Along  is a valuable recording and chart that provide a clear example of some of the most common popular and folkloric Latin percussion instruments and rhythms. These rhythms are provided in a variety of tempos to enhance your practice session. Afro-Cuban Percussion: Play Along was created for students, teachers and dancers of Afro-Cuban music. Each track is played for 3 minutes to allow play-along or study of the rhythms. The individual tracks can be used to learn the specific instruments being played or as an accompaniment while learning other instruments. For example, you could practice piano montunos or Latin drum set patterns to the recorded track of son clave or rumba clave to see how the groove fits with the clave. 





School of Bongo

Destined to become a classic, School of Bongo is the author's fourth bongo book 
for Mel Bay, but first to seriously explore a variety of bongo patterns in
 contemporary music. This text begins with the basic Afro-Cuban patterns (Martillo, Afro, Bolero), but demonstrates over 300 rhythms including 
jazz, blues, rock, R&B reggae, bossa nova and samba. Ideally suited for
the intermediate-advanced player. Rhythm patterns are demonstrated on
 audio CD and audio downloads.

...School of Bongo fills out a growing collection of great books by Salloum and the $19.99 price makes it worth every penny...  – Ben Meyer, Modern Drummer Magazine



First Lesson Conga

This book and accompanying audio are a perfect introduction to the conga drum. The book includes lessons on music notation, posture, positioning, tuning, and hand strokes. There are also many exercises, examples of Latin rhythms, and history of the instrument.  The CD inculdes the rhythm patterns demonstrated in the book, loops of click tracks and clave at various tempos. Written by best-selling Mel Bay author Trevor Salloum, this method is all you need to start playing the conga today!

First Lesson Conga: Book Trailer





First Lesson Bongo

First Lessons Bongo is designed as an introduction to bongo drumming for the complete novice. This book will help get you started with the fundamentals to create exciting rhythms. You will learn correct posture, hand positions, music terminology, drum strokes, exercises and basic rhythms.  The CD inculdes the rhythm patterns demonstrated in the book, loops of click tracks and clave at various tempos. It really doesn't get any easier...



The Conga and Bongo Drum in Jazz



The first book ever published on how to play the conga and bongo drum in jazz. This text is an essential tool for band teachers and drummers playing Latin Percussion in jazz with special emphasis on swing. Includes chapters on history, description, tuning, position/posture, notation, strokes, rhythms, etc. Complete with photos, interviews, music transcriptions and video links. This much-needed text fills a niche in the application of the conga and bongo drum in jazz. Special features include archival photos, a rare interview with legendary jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell, companion video with Candido and Bobby Sanabria and the most comprehensive discography ever complied on the use of conga and bongo drums in jazz with over 100 listings and commentary including Candido, Ray Barretto, Armando Peraza, Willie Bobo, Luis Miranda, Patato Valdez, Willie Rodriguez, Tata Güines and many more. Author’s royalties on this book will be donated to an endowment in the name of legendary percussionist “Candido Camero."

…A well-researched and comprehensive guide sheds light on two arguably overlooked voices in modern jazz education… With The Conga and Bongo Drum in Jazz, percussionist, author, and educator Trevor Salloum presents history, techniques, stylistic approaches, and plenty of additional resources for playing congas and bongos in contemporary jazz settings. The book opens with a fairly thorough historical retrospective on the drums'uses in jazz and the pioneers of the instruments, such as Candido Camero and Chano Pozo. Salloum also discusses bongo and conga drumming's current state, or lack thereof, in modern jazz music-education programs. Notation, instrument descriptions, posture, and proper tuning are discussed and accompanied by photos where needed, and diagrams illustrate exactly which part of your hand plays each stroke. Swing patterns, as well as suggested grooves for Latin jazz tunes, are notated for both congas and bongos. Proper clave technique and patterns are also covered. Be sure to dig into the book's extras, which include an interview with veteran jazz guitarist and UCLA professor Kenny Burrell,
plus video demos and a helpful glossary. Salloum also presents a comprehensive discography with additional percussionist information, and each suggested tune is annotated with specific insight that relates to material covered earlier in the book.….Salloum's work succeeds in addressing the clear need for more educational resources on the role of conga and bongo drums in jazz. – Willie Rose, Modern Drummer Magazine 


Time-Honorer Rhythms-The Conga and Bongo Drum in Jazz (Mel Bay) by Trevor Salloum with Bobby Sanabria is a tool for educators and drummers playing Latin persuasion in jazz with an emphasis on swing…included is an extensive discography on the use of conga and bongo drums in jazz dating back to 1948. – Downbeat


...The Conga and Bongo Drum in Jazz by Trevor Salloum and Bobby Sanabria aims to carry forward the history and technique of Latin-jazz rhythm through research, exercises and helpful demonstrative photos. There is a surplus of valuable information here including discographies, an extensive glossary and one-off treats like the interview with percussion savvy-guitar legend Kenny Burrell. – Jazz Times


...The conga and bongo, while thought of as integral parts of Latin and Cuban music, have also been significant (if often overlooked) in jazz since the late 1940s. This important book by Trevor Salloum and Bobby Sanabria gives a concise discussion of the instrument’s history in jazz, includes musical examples of the more significant rhythms, and has a valuable discography. It will be equally enjoyed by musicians, those who are new to this music, and fans who have long appreciated jazz’s Latin tinge. – Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian and author of 11 books including Afro-Cuban Jazz and Jazz On Record 1917-76


...This new book by Trevor Salloum covers a topic that many are aware of, but for one reason or another, most do not stop to reflect on. The notated examples provide a good introduction to how Afrocuban percussion has been used in the jazz context, but the annotated discography is really a fantastic tool for learning because it points students and professionals to the source. – Benjamin Lapidus, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Music, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

...Trevor Salloum's new book contains great historical information and an amazing discography which help clarify just how master percussionists have enhanced the music. – John Riley


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