Trevor offers drum lessons for group and private classes in Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Middle Eastern and contemporary styles of percussion. (Rock, Jazz, Blues, R&B) He has taught adults and children for over 40 years and conducted drum workshops in Canada, United States and Brazil.

Rock, Pop, Jazz & Blues: drum set

Afro-Cuban: clave, bongos, congas (tumbadoras), timbales, maracas, guiro, shekere, cowbell (campana, cencerro), drum kit

Brazilian: surdo, pandeiro, tamborimago-go bells, chocalo/ganza (shakers), triangle, drum kit

Middle Eastern: doumbek (derbecki, darbuka, Arabic tabla), riq, tar (dar. def), zils (finger cymbals, zills, sagat, zagat)

Other: drum kit, congas, bongos, cajon (box drum), djembe

Conducting percussion workshops at  “Lively up Yourself” Roundhouse, Vancouver, BC

Middle Eastern percussion workshop at Masabo Music and Dance Studio, New Westminster, BC.


*Gift Certificates available upon request

To inquire about a private or Skype lesson, group class, drum workshop or percussion clinic you can contact Trevor at the Kelowna Drum Studio by: E-mail  or  Phone (250) 763-3951 





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